Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How do I offer you books for sale?  

First, you can bring the books in to the shop.  Depending on how we are doing that week we will either offer you cash or we will offer store credit.  

Just send us an email or give us a ring and let us know what you have.  In the case of individual titles, please give the publication information in the same order we list our books for sale.  The format is:

Author's name (last name, first name), Title, Place of Publication, Publisher, Date of Publication, Number of Pages, Condition Statement.

In the case of large lots of books, just give us a general idea of the makeup of the collection and we may be able to travel to examine the collection and make an offer.  

Our policy is to offer 25% to 33% of retail value on single items of collectable interest.  For rarer items for which we have an immediate customer, we may pay 50% to 75% of retail.  On larger collections, we offer a lower price per book considering the fact that we have to pack the books, load the books, and in some cases purchase boxes and rent trucks.  We offer attractive consignment options for rarer titles and collections. 

You can also bring titles to our open shop for consideration.  We offer the same rates for store credit, but usually offer a bit more if you will take store credit since cash flow isn't always what we'd like it to be.  

We do NOT buy:

Reader's Digest condensed versions
Guideposts devotional literature
Pop-theology, usually found in the Christian living sections of Christian book stores.  
Book Club editions.
Ex-library copies of fiction (non-fiction might be acceptable).
Law books.
Old Bibles unless they have a special binding, special illustrations, other special features or are printed before 1800.  
Text books.  

2.  Do you accept want lists?

Absolutely!  Simply email us a list of the books you are looking for and we will use our contacts to try to locate a copy.    

3.  Are you willing to act as my agent to purchase lots at a live auction? 

Yes.  Please contact us for details.

4.  Do you have a website?

You are looking at it.

5.  Can our library be billed for our order?

Yes, we do understand the unique needs of institutional buying and can adjust invoicing to suit your need.  Please contact us for more information.

6.  Do you have an open shop?

Yes.  6142 South Salina Street in Syracuse (Nedrow).   22,000 titles in stock.  And a chess board.  C'mon in and challenge one of the Speeds to a game.

7.  Can I have your autograph?

No.  Maybe.  Sure, why not?  Send in two crisp twenty dollar bills and I'll sign one and send it back.  The other is my fee.