Take a look at what some of our customers say:

"You all are the best packagers ever.  I've never seen such lengths to ensure the book arrives pristine.  Thanks"

M.B.  Gahanna, OH

"It was my joy for a number of years to be Jon's pastor.  What I love about Jon Speed is not simply that he carries a great selection of good books and that he can locate hard-to-find books--although you will find both of these things to be true.  But I especially love that he personally reads and loves the best books; books written from a Reformed perspective with an eye to God's glory."  

Tom Pennington
Countryside Bible Church
Southlake, TX

"I want to thank you for this lovely book and for the great care you demonstrated in packing it to ship.  The condition is wonderful, the price amazing and the speed of delivery is the best I've ever seen.  Rating this transaction as 0 to 5 stars-- I give you 10 stars."

Yorba Linda, CA

"Over the last several years, I have put together a small personal library.  I found most public libraries severely lacking in religious books with serious theological content, so without knowing what I was doing I began my own collection.  Having to work with a limited budget, I learned to look for the best deals.  One of the most helpful places that I have found and where I now go first is Jon Speed.  Not only does he have a wide selection of used and rare books, he also has great deals on them that are pretty tough to beat.  Jon has also surprised and impressed me with a neat collection of historical items you just won't find in chain bookstores or your local library.  If you have any interest in history, religion and/or theology, I cannot recommend Jon highly enough!"

Azle, TX